Doris Neumann

"The development of multi-stage production processes often goes hand in hand with high time pressure. Large-scale orders have already been planned, delivery deadlines agreed, the product must be operational in good time. And this project was no different. One of Allessa GmbH's customers required a new substance within a prescribed time limit. To be able to produce it on a large scale, a new synthesis process had to be developed. The added challenge: New construction of the production plant commenced at the customer's at the same time as the laboratory development. Due to the immense time pressure, the plant at Allessa GmbH also had to be built.

The complexity of the project required an extremely intensive cooperation between us and the customer, because the findings of the laboratory analyses had a direct impact on the construction of the plant. By combining particular parameters from different synthesis stages, introducing additional purification steps, and using untypical substances, it was finally possible to produce the desired substance. 

It was possible to commence production at a pilot-plant scale on schedule. The product met the specifications from the first batch on, was supplied to the customer on time, and performed well from the outset. A remarkable success for our customer: To this day, the newly built production facility is working to capacity and still provides excellent quality. And a success for us: We are currently processing a major contract to develop a successor product for the customer."