Andrea Jockel

"OLED technology is currently in great demand. Whether it's for smartphones, tablet PCs or TVs - the material is extremely flat, highly flexible and particularly energy-efficient. Our customer has been working in the field of OLED research for several years and is working intensively on improving the efficiency and life span of their materials. The company approached us with an innovative method, which they had developed in-house, and a double challenge: Firstly, to examine and optimize their method. And secondly, to make it suitable for mass production through upscaling. In addition, time was at a premium, the OLED material had to be ready for use quickly and supplied to the customer.

In just a few months, we succeeded in refining the customer's provisional method in our laboratories within the limited timeframe, as well as producing the OLED material in the required large quantities. To achieve this, development and implementation were conducted simultaneously, in the transfer lab and at an industrial scale. The final result was not only a new multi-stage method for the production of the innovative OLED material, but also a timely delivery to the end customer. Another success of the collaborative approach: The application tests were so positive that further quantities were ordered. A great opportunity to continue to expand our OLED expertise in the future."